You are about to meet the happiest Yorkie pup that will charm his way into your heart!
You don’t often hear about animal shelters coming to the rescue, but in this heartfelt, inspirational story, OC Animal Care gave Chewie, an abandoned Yorkie puppy, a life-saving surgery and a new home — and he literally can’t stop rolling over, running and jumping for joy.#PAWsitivetransformation


Full Story:
Chewie was found in a Santa Ana park in Orange County, California. His front legs were fractured and were just starting to heal, which meant the injury had likely happened weeks before. Chewie was always trusting and endearing, clearly showing that at one time he had a family. OC Animal Care speculates that his family could not provide the health care necessary to fix his legs so instead of taking him to the doctor or the shelter; he was left at the park.


Chewie was found and picked up by OC Animal Care who knew they had to save this sweet little boy. Through their Noble Friends Foundation ( a 501 (c)(3) they raised funds for his surgery and ongoing care.

Even in casts, Chewie was unstoppable; he was running, jumping, seemingly a new dog. Except, this puppy needed a home. OC Animal Care took care of that too. He is now living a couple blocks from the sand with the perfect family in Huntington Beach.

Every dog deserves a second look, a second chance and a second home! Please share Chewie’s story to inspire everyone to #adopt

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