[WARNING: This video is graphic and not suitable for young children.]
Paris was found wandering the streets of Karditsa, Greece with a wire wrapped tightly around his neck – so tight in fact that it created an open wound, boring a hole into his trachea and prohibiting him from eating. Paris was rescued by Ermioni a rescuer from the Greek Animal Rescue (GAR), who finally got him the help he needed. #AdoptParis

Paris stills needs a home. If you are interested in adopting Paris please contact Ermioni directly on her Facebook page

Paris was only a puppy when someone put a wire around his neck. According to Ermioni, there have been instances in her town where strays or unwanted dogs are mistreated or abused. Paris was one of those dogs.


When Ermioni found Paris, he was terrified of people. Paris was rushed to the vets where the wire was removed from his neck but an infection set in requiring a longer recovery. For two months, Ermioni and her GAR team of rescuers cared for Paris. When he finally received his surgery, he felt less pain and started to eat…and eat. The dog that was little more than “skin and bones” gained 20 kilos in a matter of months.
There will be long lasting psychological effects of abuse he has had to endure, but with the gentle hands of Ermioni and the Greek Animal Rescue, he is recovering – one day at a time.

Paris and Ermioni (2)
Paris still needs a home. We are hoping with this video, we can appeal to someone somewhere in the world who will see Paris for who he truly is – a good boy that just wants someone to love him. Please share.

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